“Initiation into Thinking Psychologically”
January 28, 2020

Working Alchemically with the IMAGES in our DREAMS (and lives).

How are the images in our dreams different from
the images in our “awake” state of consciousness?

Guided by Sven Doehner

MAY 3, 17 & 31, 2020


Beyond “interpreting” (using something that we already know to explain something that we do not know), and trying to “understand” the images that structure our life experiences… the invitation here is to practice ways of “engaging” the images that unexpectedly come into our lives – a process that triggers both personal and transpersonal transformations.

Dreams can awaken us to different realities in our daily lives, beyond those of our “ordinary” state of consciousness. We can learn to “work” with our images in ways that open the psychic space required for new forms to be able to appear and become embodied in our daily lives.

Guided by Junguian Archetypal Alchemical principles, we will practice with the dream images of participants, to learn how to recognize and use the metaphorical language of dreams to awaken an unexpectedly clear awareness, one that tends to have the effect of re-organizing the inner life of the dreamer in ways that show constructive effects in their external lives.


  • The Art of “Listening in Depth”
  • The Art of “Differenciation”
  • How to apply the “Law of Correspondences”
  • How to apply the “Ley de Reciprocity”
  • How to recognize “Points of Inflection” in our images
There are 7 hours of intensive "work"... with particular attention to all participants (maximum 25).

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de 9 a 16 h (with pauses).
(From Mexico City)

Contact: (+521) 55 5432-4868 // info@svendoehner.com


According to the possibilities of each one...

Suggested: $2,400.- pesos
Minimum $1,600.- pesos