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January 27, 2020
Archetypal Arts of Transformation
January 4, 2021


A guided conversation with Sven Doehner, PhD, MFA, Archetypal Psychoanalyst.

WEDNESDAY from 9 to 12 h

Beginning Wednesday the 17th FEBRUARY

Live sessions via Zoom

What is the relevance of psychotherapy today?
What do we understand psychotherapy to be in today´s world?

The invitation is for conversation inspired by the wisdom that James Hillman shares in his book “The Myth of Analysis”. Participants are expected to have read the book that will serve as a guide to engage specific themes, such as:

  • What is the role of the “other” in a process of a true re-encounter and transformation of our being?
  • What do we understand the “inner” sense of what happens in life to be?
  • How do you find an internal security platform in a world where external authority is crumbling?

  • In today´s world, Archetypal perspectives on Jungian maps can be particularly relevant, given how they can serve to orient and incite us to find new, creative forms of responding constructively to the challenges presented by situations in our present daily lives.

    The objective of our meetings is to dive deeply into the material, both critically and experientially, encouraging the development of a psychological thinking that generates reflections that are as deep as they are moving.

    The course is for psychologists, philosophers, artists and all those interested in developing new ways of thinking.



    Every wednesday for THREE months = 12 sessions with 2 pauses

    from 9 to 12 h
    (Mexico City time zone)

    The structure will follow that of “The Myth of Analysis”:

    • 1st month: “On Psychological Creativity” – February 17 and 24, & March 3 and 10

    • 2nd month: “On Psychological Language” – March 24, 31, & April 7 and 14

    • 3rd month: “On Psychological Femininity” – April 28, & May 5, 12 and 19


Per month $270.- Dls
Per month - Student discount $225.- Dls
For whole course if paid in advance $675.- Dls

For Individual Follow-up, schedule your appointment below:

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    A 50 minute session $140.- Dls

    Contact: (+52) 55 5432-4868