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January 27, 2020
Archetypal Arts of Transformation:
Alchemy, Shamanism and Archetypal Pshychology
January 4, 2021

The Listening Voice an introduction to "A Sound Imagination”.

Sven Doehner's vision and practice combined with Sarmen Almond's sensitivity and experience.

TUESDAY, from 9:30 to 12:30 hrs.

12 sessions, beginning May 11


This course is an invitation to discover how the voice can serve as an essential agent for deep and lasting transformation, following principles and practices inspired by C.G. Jung and James Hillman´s Alchemical Psychology.

By way of practical exercises followed by moments of reflection, we will initiate unexpected processes of discovery, growth and transformation, both personal and trans-personal.

Throughout TWELVE sessions, each lasting THREE hours, participants will acquire individual skills in:

  2. In addition to developing highly differentiated perceptive skills, we will learn how to differentiate between external listening and internal listening: to the somatic, emotional, mental and spiritual plans of our experience of life.

  4. Listening gives birth to vocal emission as an instinctive response to the listening process. We will go from listening to uttering, discovering – along the way – the pleasure that comes within the free vocal expression.

  6. The challenge of listening to oneself. Imagine emitting a sound that tries to match what is being experienced within in a given moment of tension, of “stuckness”, of anger, or fear, or longing... or any other combination of sensations and feelings. Discovering the vocal form of whatever it is that is moving within tends to awaken unexpectedly creative and pro-active responses.

    This course is addressed to all people interested in discovering what happens when one manages to give vocal form to the emotional themes that either trap or confuse us in our daily lives.

    We want to find ways of transforming our wounds into portals for discovering unexpected inner gifts and resources, enabling us to be all that we are capable of being in our lives – thanks to our own voice, awakened by a Sound Imagination.

    “Discovering the vocal sound of an emotional knot tends to dissolve it… and open spaces for something new to take on palpable shape and form.”

    Sven Doehner began his personal journey during his training in Junguian and Archetypal Psychology. His always curious spirit led him to also train as a Somatic Movement Educator, which, added to his experience with native healing and spiritual practices, allowed him to discover a method for working with one's own VOICE, as a way of catalyzing processes of true transformation.

    “My voice is my invisible body.”

    Sarmen Almond is a vocal alchemist, thanks to her experience as a musician, vocal performer and Roy Hart voice teacher. She is constantly searching for new ways to expand the possibilities of the sonorities offered by “working” with the voice. Almond is interested in the impact that these sounds have on both physical and imaginal planes of our being.



    Every week

    from 9:30 to 12:30 h
    (Mexico City time)


Per month $270.- Dls
Per month - Student discount $225.- Dls
For whole course if paid in advance $675.- Dls

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