Working Alchemically with the IMAGES in our DREAMS (and lives).
May 14, 2020

“Initiation into Thinking Psychologically”

Preparatory course for training in:

“Arts of Alchemical TRANSFORMATION”.

Guided by Sven Doehner

MAY 19, 2020


Today, more than ever before, there is a need for new ways of PERCEIVING and of THINKING – about oneself, and about others – (as well as knowing ways of insuring that one is not fooling oneself)… accessible to whomever is genuinely searching for ways of relating to oneself, and to others, that are more clearly conscious, pro-active, creative, constructive and effective.

Beyond continuing with “explanations” about things, we need practical maps, paths and tips to follow, in order to discover, on one´s own, unseen aspects of crucial themes in our lives, invisible to our ordinary “I” consciousness.

With this in mind, Sven is offering a THREE month course, in SPANISH – beginning on the 19 of May – every TUESDAY, from 15 to 18 h (México City time zone).

This Initiatory course in Thinking Psychologically is a first step in a journey of true transformation, as much spiritual as it is psychological. It can continue in the training program called “Arts of Alchemical Transformation” set to begin in 2021

The program opens spaces that awaken possibilities for deep self-exploration of the psyche, without having to depend on “specialists”, or on “loyalty” to any particular psychological school of thought.

The full program is for those who want to tap into the human potential inherent in each of us, in order to become a more awake witness of oneself, and a more conscious and pro-active participant in what we sometimes call our “destiny”.

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15:00 - 18:00 hrs.
(From Mexico City)

Contact: (+521) 55 5432-4868 //


Full course 550 USD