Archetypal Arts of Transformation:
Alchemy, Shamanism and Archetypal Pshychology
January 4, 2021
Images in Dreams: a Metaphorical Practice
January 6, 2021

Archetypal SUPERVISION: the practice of an “Alchemical Psychology”.

Guided by Sven Doehner

WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS, from 15 to 18 hrs.

Sessions via Zoom

For those interested in applying Archetypal principles and practices in their lives, either as a follow-up to courses already taken with Sven, or as a complement to other schools of thought, for working psychologically and spiritually with others.
Participants will have the opportunity for presenting their “cases”, in order to explore them from different archetypal perspectives, always looking to go deeply into the themes that appear, in creative and constructive ways.



Every week

from 15 to 18 h
(Mexico City time zone)


Per month $270.- Dls
Per month - Student discount $225.- Dls
For whole course if paid in advance $675.- Dls

For Individual Follow-up, schedule your appointment below:

    I'm interested in:

    A 50 minute session $140.- Dls

    Contact: (+521) 55 5432-4868 //