“The Listening Voice an introduction to “A Sound Imagination”
December 18, 2020
Archetypal SUPERVISION: the practice of an “Alchemical Psychology”
January 5, 2021

Archetypal Arts of Transformation:

Alchemy, Shamanism and Archetypal Psychology

Guided by Sven Doehner

Every TUESDAY, from 9 to 12 hrs.

Live sessions via Zoom

For the 1st time, Sven Doehner is sharing – with an international audience – the imaginal vision that sustains the transformative practices that have inspired and continue to guide his clinical work.

The course will illustrate how the practice of Archetypal Psychology is a contemporary version of the wisdom contained in the Alchemical Psychology that flourished during the middle ages, whose roots can be found in the ancient traditions that today we call Shamanism.

The course is made up of THREE parts (13 sessions):

  • 5 sessions on ALCHEMICAL PSYCHOLOGY.
  • 4 sessions on SHAMANISM.
  • 4 sessions on ARCHETYPAL PSYCHOLOGY.

This course is for psychologists, philosophers, artists, and those sincerely interested in learning about Archetypal Arts of Transformation, with a desire to practice what is learnt, with oneself and with others, at the service of deep and lasting transformations.



Every week

from 9 to 12 h
(Mexico City time zone)

  • 1st session – Tuesday, JANUARY 26th
    The ART of working with FIRE: James Hillman´s ALCHEMICAL Psychology.
  • 2nd session – Tuesday, February 2nd
    The “PRIMA MATERIA”: what is “worked on”.
  • 3rd session – Tuesday, February 9th
    The CONTAINER: “the frame” and the RITUAL that does the work.
  • 4th session – Tuesday, February 16th
    The RELATIONSHIP with the “OTHER”: “transference” and “counter-transference”.
  • 5th session – Tuesday, February 23rd
    OPERATIONS (different ways of proceeding) and the “work” itself… particularly with “RESISTANCES”: the true “practice”.
  • 6th session – Tuesday, March 2nd
    SHAMANISM: nature´s way.
  • 7th session – Tuesday, March 9th
    PERCEPTIONS and different states of Consciousness: working with energy.
  • 8th session – Tuesday, March 16th
    Shamanic TRAINING: principles and practices.
  • 9th session – Tuesday, March 23rd
    BRIDGES: transition to the present day.</li>

  • 10th session – Tuesday, March 30th
    An ARCHETYPAL imagination: an initiatory experience.
  • 11th session – Tuesday, April 6th
    IMAGES and the IMAGINATION: keys for transformation.
  • 12th session – Tuesday, April 13th
    A PHENOMENOLOGICAL Discipline: the arts of perception, differentiation and description.
  • 13th session – Tuesday, April 20th
    An ARCHETYPAL PRACTICE: practical work with oneself and with others, in the world.
  • Closing RITUAL – Tuesday, April 27th


Per month $270.- Dls
Per month - Student discount $225.- Dls
For whole course if paid in advance $675.- Dls

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