The Encounter with the Other
January 27, 2020
January 28, 2020


Guided by Sven Doehner

FEBRUARY 22 & 23, 2020


There is a need today for new ways of THINKING – accessible to whomever is genuinely on a path of self-exploration and discovery – that provides access to aspects of our lives that are not visible to our ordinary day-world consciousness.

Now days, teaching involves providing learning experiences, more than another explanation about something. We need to develop new ways of seeing and listening, to enable us to relate to ourselves – and to others – in manners that are more pro-active, creative and constructive.

Our sense of “I” benefits much from stepping to one-side – not doing what it always habitually does – in order to be able to truly discover and take into account different, yet completely valid nuances, perspectives and possibilities. This to both expand our sense of awareness, and to deepen our experience and sense of Being in the world.

We want to acquire maps, paths and tips to follow (including ways of knowing that we are not fooling ourselves), to discover and connect our conscious selves with our own deepest truths… and thereby be able to more authentically be our most creative selves in our daily lives.

With this in mind, Sven offers this Initiatory course in Thinking Psychologically – based on his more than 40 years of clinical practice – as a way of bringing new life to the wisdom contained in his shared experiences of a life dedicated to psychological transformation.

The program brings together the different schools of thought that inspire and form the core of Sven´s particular way of both teaching, and practicing, different Arts of Transformation.

In addition to the Junguian principles and practices that complement his training in classic perspectives of clinical psychology, and his training as a Somatic Movement Educator, Sven´s work involves Alchemical Psychology and Archetypal Psychology´s particular focus on working with the Imaginación.

Finally, personal initiatory experiences with the spiritual world of Indigenous Healers around the world have honed Sven´s sense of – and need for – enter into a relationship with the invisible, so that the psychological and spiritual can come together in ways that are deeply transformative for both.

The intention is to make a practical contribution to Thinking Psychologically that is relevant in the world of today.

The program is innovative in that it opens spaces that awaken possibilities for deep self-exploration of the psyche, without having to depend on “specialists”, or on “loyalty” to any particular psychological school.

The full program is for those who want to tap into the human potential available to all of us for being both awakened witness, and pro-active participants in our own “destiny”.

Each of us has a psyche… a soul… making each of us ultimately responsible for finding true significance in their lives.

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Venue: Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City
Investment: $5,400.- pesos per month // $40,000.– pesos if you pay full
Contact: 55 5432-4868 //